One of the Best Indie Books of 2014

One of the Best Indie Teen Books of 2014

One of the Best Battle-Ready Indie Sci-Fi

and Fantasy of 2014

'Salem's Lot meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer

with incredible results. -KIRKUS REVIEWS

Ten "Must Read" Self-Published Vampire Fiction Novels of 2014 -BLUEINK REVIEWS

"Wow. Read it non-Stop. Sucked me in immediately.
Saw Steve at a craft fair, selling his books. He signed both of his books for me.
I love helping small businesses, so I bought his books. They sounded good. Then I started reading New Hope. Couldn't stop. Can't wait to read Retreads. This guy is good. Hopefully he will write many more!"


United States

"Inventive and compulsively readable sci-fi." -KIRKUS REVIEWS

"The latest from Hobbs (New Hope, 2014, etc.) is an irresistible sci-fi yarn with a provocative premise, strong characters, and fast-paced action." -KIRKUS REVIEWS




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